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Archive 2022
2022-12-27 | PRESS RELEASE

Go-live of ADEX

2022-12-21 | NEWS

EEX – EPEX policy paper: A market reform driven by collaboration, transparency and investment can bring sustainable change

2022-12-15 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT becomes first exchange to join RECS Energy Certificate Association

2022-12-08 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council welcomes launch of first multilateral spot auction for Guarantees of Origin

2022-12-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of November 2022

2022-12-02 | NEWS

Communication note: Second Market Coupling Consultative Group meeting

2022-11-30 | PRESS RELEASE

SIDC: Successful fourth wave go-live

2022-11-28 | NEWS

All NEMOs to increase threshold that triggers second auction procedure to EUR 2,400 per MWh on 7 December 2022

2022-11-23 | EVENT

Second Market Coupling Consultative Group meeting

2022-11-18 | PRESS RELEASE

Go-live of Nordic flow-based CCM delayed to Q1 2024

2022-11-17 | PRESS RELEASE

European Horizon project ENFLATE: Digitalisation for the energy transition

2022-11-16 | NEWS

Block and Smart Block Orders launched on coupled GB Intraday auctions

2022-11-04 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of October 2022

2022-10-28 | PRESS RELEASE

Second pan-European spot auction for GOs sees increased market interest

2022-10-14 | NEWS

Save the Date – Second Market Coupling Consultative Group Meeting

2022-10-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of September 2022

2022-10-04 | NEWS

Successful seminar on the CACM Annual Report

2022-09-30 | PRESS RELEASE

Successful start of pan-European spot market for Guarantees of Origin

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