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2021-07-05 | PRESS RELEASE

New monthly record on Dutch Intraday market

2021-07-01 | NEWS

Optimised timing for market participants: French 30-minute Intraday auction shifted to 17:00 CET

2021-06-24 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council welcomes smooth launch of Interim Coupling Solution

2021-06-21 | NEWS

CACM-Revisionspläne könnten die Effizienz des europäischen Strommarkts und die EU-Klimaziele gefährden

2021-06-21 | NEWS

Les plans de révision du CACM pourraient mettre en danger l'efficacité du marché européen de l'électricité et les objectifs climatiques de l’UE

2021-06-21 | NEWS

CACM revision plans might endanger European power market efficiency and climate objectives

2021-06-17 | PRESS RELEASE

Successful go-live of Interim Coupling – Reaching the SDAC enduring phase

2021-06-15 | NEWS

Interim Coupling project: Go-live confirmed for 17 June 2021

2021-06-03 | PRESS RELEASE

New EPEX SPOT Exchange Council elected

2021-06-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Nordic Intraday markets are thriving

2021-05-28 | NEWS

Interim Coupling project member testing confirmed following successful completion of SDAC testing

2021-05-12 | NEWS

DE-AT-PL-4MMC Member Tests

2021-05-10 | NEWS

Updated planning of the DE-AT-PL-4M MC (Interim Coupling) Project

2021-05-05 | PRESS RELEASE

Intraday markets continue to grow

2021-04-23 | NEWS

Single Intraday Coupling in Germany from 15:00 CET with coupled market liquidity

2021-04-22 | NEWS

[Interim Coupling SG] Webinar

2021-04-08 | PRESS RELEASE

Belgian Day-Ahead hits new all-time high

2021-03-30 | NEWS

EPEX SPOT to cooperate with European authorities on investigation of intraday markets in Central Western Europe

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