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General conditions

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Market Data Use

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Small market participants

If you are a small market participant or looking for alternative membership options, the following schemes are suitable for you.

Direct Membership

DCP model

The DCP Clearing membership is designed to connect market participants directly to ECC, our trusted clearinghouse. By reducing access requirements and redefining risk controls it enables more players to access EPEX SPOT markets.

For more information on the Direct Clearing Participant model, click here.

Indirect membership

An Indirect Trading Member is a Member authorized to trade via a Direct Trading Member (“Broker”) appointed by it. In such case, trading shall exclusively be carried out by the appointed Broker for the account of the Indirect Trading Member. The Indirect Trading Member is liable to EPEX SPOT SE for its market obligations, in particular with respect to the financial obligations arising from the Contracts concluded for its own account and at its own risk by its appointed Broker.

Passport Membership / Group Membership

This offer is tailor-made for companies who want to join the Exchange but do not wish to set up their own clearing infrastructure. These companies will be granted a Passport or Group Membership and will partner with another Exchange member of their choice who will support their trading activity via its own clearing infrastructure.


For more information on this membership type, click here.

Low usage option

The new EPEX SPOT price list now includes smart offers available for low usage members – proposing an alternative market access subscription plan. If you project to be trading small volumes, contact sales@epexspot.com to find out if this option would be interesting for you.