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2022-05-11 | NEWS

11 May 2022: The Market Coupling Steering Committee (MCSC) initiated an in-depth investigation of the partial decoupling on the 10 of May

2022-05-03 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of April 2022

2022-05-02 | NEWS

EPEX Policy note: Safeguarding the benefits of the EU power market

2022-05-02 | NEWS

Note Politique d'EPEX SPOT: Préserver les bienfaits du marché européen de l'électricité

2022-04-28 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT opposes ACER’s proposal to overthrow setup of EU power market

2022-04-21 | PRESS RELEASE

Core Flow-Based Market Coupling Project Go Live set for 08 June 2022

2022-04-11 | NEWS

Harmonised maximum clearing price for SDAC to be set to +4,000 EUR/MWh from 10th May 2022

2022-04-08 | PRESS RELEASE

Postponement of the Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project Go Live

2022-04-05 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of March 2022

2022-04-04 | PRESS RELEASE

Slovenian and Serbian TSOs along with EPEX SPOT to establish the first regional power exchange for Central and South-Eastern Europe

2022-04-01 | NEWS

EEX - EPEX SPOT Paper: The importance of keeping energy markets open in times of turmoil

2022-03-31 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT and N-SIDE jointly address one of the major challenges of the energy transition

2022-03-24 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council warns of interference in price formation process and contests possible CACM overhaul

2022-03-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of February 2022

2022-02-10 | NEWS

Invitation Core Flow-Based Day-Ahead Market Coupling Operational Readiness Webinar

2022-02-07 | PRESS RELEASE

Market Coupling Steering Committee (MCSC)

2022-02-03 | PRESS RELEASE

Polish Intraday offer launched successfully

2022-02-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Power Trading Results of January 2022

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