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2020-04-08 | NEWS

Joint Communication note SDAC-SIDC

2020-04-08 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council holds extraordinary meeting to discuss Covid-19 measures

2020-04-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Intelligence test for the power grid of the future

2020-04-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Market volumes remain stable

2020-04-02 | PRESS RELEASE

SIDC: Record Months and Welcoming New Members

2020-03-27 | NEWS

Nordic Multi-NEMO Day-Ahead Market Coupling Go-Live postponed due to COVID-19

2020-03-19 | NEWS

EPEX SPOT and EEX take part in public consultation on ARENH reform

2020-03-16 | NEWS

EPEX SPOT responds to COVID-19 pandemic

2020-03-10 | PRESS RELEASE

New Intraday auctions to enlarge product suite

2020-03-03 | NEWS

The Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project parties provide an update on the project planning and inform about communication channels towards market participants

2020-03-03 | PRESS RELEASE

Power markets boosted by strong wind

2020-02-07 | PRESS RELEASE

State Secretary Andreas Feicht visits EPEX SPOT headquarters

2020-02-07 | NEWS

SDAC Communication note

2020-02-05 | EVENT

EPEX SPOT at Eworld 2020

2020-02-03 | PRESS RELEASE

Monthly Intraday volume passes 10 TWh mark for the first time

2020-01-30 | NEWS

EPEX SPOT reacts to announcement of Nordic Multi-NEMO Arrangement project

2020-01-30 | PRESS RELEASE

Nordic Multi-NEMO Arrangement project revises go-live date

2020-01-29 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT provides monitoring service for TERRE project

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