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The European Power Exchange

The Paris-based company with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Brussels, London and Vienna has been created in 2008 through the merger of the power spot activities of the energy exchanges Powernext SA in France and EEX AG in Germany. In 2015, EPEX SPOT integrated with APX Group. Driving forward the integration of European power markets is the main goal of EPEX SPOT. Our transnational Day-Ahead and Intraday markets are its engine.

As European Company (Societas Europaea) in corporate structure and staff, EPEX SPOT has a European DNA which impacts our mindset, our markets and our Mission. We drive innovation across European power markets.

Our members make the market. This is why a growing, innovative and profitable European spot market necessitates excellent customer service. A trusting relationship between an Exchange and its members, as well as clear corporate governance, are the keys to success.


EPEX SPOT SE is a company with a two-tier governance system. The shareholders appoint a Supervisory Board, which elects the Management Board.

The Management Board of EPEX SPOT SE is in charge of operating the Exchange and takes commercial, economic and operational decisions. Its members are:

  • Mr Ralph Danielski, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of EPEX SPOT,
  • Mr Jonas Törnquist, Chief Operating Officer of EPEX SPOT,
  • Mr Thierry Carol, Chief Financial Officer of EPEX SPOT
The EPEX SPOT Management Board


Our business

Markets and prices

The core business of EPEX SPOT consists in operating a power exchange for Central Western Europe, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries.

EPEX SPOT provides a market place where Exchange members send their orders to buy or sell electricity in determined delivery areas. Our role consists in matching these orders in a transparent manner, according to the public Exchange rules.

As an important result of this process, EPEX SPOT broadcasts the prices resulting from the trades.

These prices serve as a benchmark for the transactions of the wholesale market and they ensure competitive prices for the end-consumers, which have the freedom to choose between numerous electricity suppliers.

EPEX SPOT provides a critical liquidity outlet for producers, suppliers and transmission system operators, as well as for industrial consumers, to fulfill their sales or their purchases in short term power.

Market Coupling

Since its inception, EPEX SPOT has been a main driver in Market Coupling initiatives in Europe. From the Trilateral Coupling TLC to the Multi-Regional Coupling MRC, EPEX SPOT continues to share its expertise by providing Market Coupling services to European partners.

Market Data

Our data solutions provide comprehensive and precise sets of information to our customers. The ready-to-use data sets and subscriptions are easy to process, bringing valuable market insights on pricing and volumes.

Customer service

Our members make our markets. Customer orientation, therefore, is a central pillar of our business, and we support them with tailor-made trading or data solutions. To find the right contact for your inquiry, please consult our contact directory.

Part of EEX Group

EPEX SPOT operates the power spot market of EEX Group, a group of specialised companies providing the market platform for energy and commodity products for participants in more than 40 countries worldwide. The offering of the group comprises contracts for trading in power, natural gas, environmentals, freight and agriculturals. With high specialisation and local presence in their core markets, the companies of EEX Group answer to the needs of their customers for tailor-made solutions and easy market access. The synergetic, integrated group portfolio is completed by two clearing houses which ensure proper clearing and settlement of trading transactions.

EEX Group consists of the following companies: European Energy Exchange (EEX), EPEX SPOT, EEX Asia, GET Baltic, Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) and Nodal Exchange as well as the registry provider Grexel Systems and software companies KB Tech and Lacima. EEX Group is based in 21 worldwide locations and is part of Deutsche Börse Group.

More information here: www.eex-group.com

Corporate Social Responsibility

At EPEX SPOT, we care about how to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our company values and business processes, to produce a positive impact on society.

We want to promote positive social and environmental change and include it in the long-term business growth and success.

Internally, we have been trying to reduce the impact on the environment for years with measures like:

  • recycling waste and consumables,
  • energy and paper saving (lighting control, electronic pay slips, email disclaimer, New Year E-cards …),
  • Mugs for employees to replace plastic cups,
  • CO2 saving with video conferencing systems.

At EPEX SPOT, we are also involved in the improvement of our employees’ workplace and welfare:

  • Water fountains
  • daily fruit basket offered
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • resting area
  • “Well-being Days” with healthy food options and recreational activities

EPEX SPOT is also increasingly involved socially, supporting non-profit initiatives and associations: