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Trading Products

EPEX SPOT operates organized short-term electricity markets for Central Western Europe, Great Britain, the Nordics and Poland. We offer a large range of products, to trade across the entire value chain of electricity.

Day-Ahead trading

EPEX SPOT offers Day-Ahead trading in thirteen European countries. Day-Ahead markets are operated through a blind auction which takes place once a day, every day of the year. The traded electricity is delivered on the next day. Apart from Switzerland and Great Britain, all markets are part of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) which stretches across 19 markets from Portugal to Finland and from The Netherlands to Italy. All auction markets of EPEX SPOT run on the ETS trading system, a robust and reliable trading platform.


Our Day-Ahead offer at a glance

  • Robust and reliable trading guaranteed on our EPEX Trading System (ETS)

  • Optimized EU Market Coupling with our implicit auctions - ensuring the best use of interconnection capacity and most efficient use of your assets

  • Highest liquidity and diversity of portfolios  with over 500 TWh traded per year representing a third of the consumption of the thirteen countries covered

  • Widest product offering from single hours and blocks to smart and big blocks: exclusive, linked, loop & curtailable

  • Easy access to your order submissions & results through our API


Hourly Day-Ahead auctions

Tradable contracts: 24 hourly contracts corresponding to the 24 delivery hours of the following day – traded either in single hours or in blocks of combined hours
Closure of orderbook: daily at 12:00 (CET) (9:20 GMT for Great Britain, 11:00 CET for Switzerland) in D-1
Publication of results: from 12:57 (CET) onwards (9:30 GMT for Great Britain, 11:10 CET for Switzerland)

See our Market Results published daily.


Half-hour Day-Ahead auction in GB

Following the Day-Ahead auction, the Half-hour Day-Ahead auction in Great Britain gives members the opportunity to balance their physical portfolios and to further optimize their generation portfolio.

Tradable contracts: 30-minute contracts, with delivery on the following day
Closure of orderbook: daily at 15:30 (GMT) in D-1
Publication of results: from 15:45 (GMT) onwards



Classic block orders encompass several hours at the same price with flexible volume profiles and are executed at the same ratio on all its hours. Smart & big blocks are unique to our auctions because of their complexity and unparalleled size – allowing you to sophisticate your optimization strategy.

Big blocks: larger than classic blocks with the maximum size going up to 1300 MW and allows to cover large production capacities

Loop blocks: families of two blocks which are executed or rejected together. They allow to bundle buy and sell blocks to reflect storage activities - only offered at EPEX

Curtailable blocks: set of blocks which can be either entirely executed or entirely rejected (All-or-None); or executed above a minimum acceptance ratio defined by traders

Linked blocks:  set of blocks with a linked execution constraint, meaning the execution of one block depends on the execution of its father block. They allow to represent the variation of electricity generation with regards to the market price

Exclusive blocks: group of blocks within which a maximum of one block can be executed, so you’re your electricity is traded at the most profitable moment


Traded volume on the EPEX Day-Ahead

Volume Intraday


Intraday trading

The Intraday market segment at EPEX SPOT offers both continuous and auction trading in twelve European countries. All continuous Intraday markets of EPEX SPOT run on the M7 trading system, the highest industry-standard in terms of performance. These markets are by far the most liquid in Europe.


Our Intraday offer at a glance:

  • Most liquid orderbook in Europe from opening to delivery time, running 24/7 to support the most advanced trading strategies

  • Highest performing Intraday continuous trading system (M7) with more than 1,000,000 orders submitted every day

  • Multiple contract types offering finer granularity and increased flexibility

  • Versatile, performant and standardized API services for order submission and results retrieval

  • Wide range of Intraday auctions allowing you to further optimise your Intraday portfolio while benefitting from a robust reference price


Intraday continuous

All continuous Intraday markets run on the M7 trading system. Our M7 trading system provides our members with the most robust and reliable platform supporting the most advanced trading strategies.

Tradable contracts: hourly contracts, half-hourly contracts and 15-minute contracts
Trading opening: 00:00 (GMT) D-1 in GB / 14:00 (CET) D-1 in the Nordics / 15:00 (CET) D-1 in CWE
Closure of orderbook: up until 0 minutes before delivery start of the contract
Trade execution: as soon as two entered orders match on our platform, the trade is executed


SIDC – The pan-European Single Intraday Coupling

EPEX SPOT is part of SIDC, an initiative enabling cross-border trading in one integrated European Intraday market. This solution links the local trading systems operated by Power Exchanges with the available cross-zonal transmission capacity provided by Transmission System Operators. You can find more information on SIDC here.


Intraday auctions

We offer a full suite of Intraday auctions in CWE & GB, completing your trading value chain at EPEX SPOT. With the increasing number of renewable assets, these products are key in reinforcing the Intraday reference price, optimising the short-term market and facilitating the energy transition.

The first Intraday auction was introduced in Germany in 2014. Since its launch and others in Great Britain and Switzerland, we have seen a significant growth in liquidity on this market segment – reaching a total traded volume of nearly 7 TWh in 2019. These auctions play a key role in providing further contracts granularity and balancing opportunities. In 2020, we expanded our Intraday auctions to Austria, Belgium, France and The Netherlands, further completing our offering in Europe.

Local Intraday auctions in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands

  • Austria 15 min – daily at 15:00 (CET)
  • Belgium 15 min – daily at 15:00 (CET)
  • France 30 min – daily at 17:00 (CET)
  • Germany 15 min – daily at 15:00 (CET)
  • The Netherlands 15 min – daily at 15:00 (CET)

Intraday auctions in Great Britain coupled with Ireland

  • Great Britain 30 min – daily at 17:30 (GMT)
  • Great Britain 30 min – daily at 8:00 (GMT)

Intraday auctions in Switzerland coupled with Italy and Slovenia

  • Switzerland 60 min – daily at 16:30 (CET)
  • Switzerland 60 min – daily at 11:15 (CET)

Please find the detailed product specifications available in the Downloads section on the website in your Member Area.


Traded volume on the EPEX Intraday

Intraday volumes


After-Market trading

The After-Market provides additional flexibility to market participants by allowing trading after delivery. Contracts are available for trading as of the physical delivery of the contracts until the next trading day through the unique EPEX SPOT M7 continuous trading system. It enables the adjustment of your physical positions in the ex-post timeframe, thus reducing costs related to imbalance settlement. In the Netherlands, After-Market allows market participant to further optimize in case of dual-pricing for imbalance settlement.



  • Trading start: Delivery start of the Intraday continuous contract

  • Trading end: 12:30 day after delivery (D+1)


The Netherlands

  • Trading start: Delivery start of the Intraday continuous contract

  • Trading end: 8:30 day after delivery (D+1)


French Capacity Market

An organized market for French capacity guarantees.

The French law foresees a capacity obligation scheme. It specifies that electricity producers and demand-response operators receive capacity certificates by the French Transmission System Operator RTE. Suppliers have to contribute to security of supply by holding sufficient capacity certificates to cover the peak consumption of their costumers for each underlying year.

Capacity market


On the capacity market operated by EPEX SPOT, the demand for capacity guarantees meets the offer, determining a price for capacity which reflects security of supply needs to cover peak consumption in France.

The results of the past auctions are listed here.

The current Auction Calendar is available here.

If you wish to trade on the French capacity market, please get in touch with your Key Account manager or send an e-mail to sales@epexspot.com. You can find more information on the capacity market in our dedicated brochure and in the download section.

Detailed product specifications are available in the member section.

Physical Fulfilment Services

Trading members who are simultaneously admitted to the EEX power futures market and the EPEX SPOT power spot market can benefit from Physical Fulfilment Services, offered by EEX in partnership with EPEX SPOT. This service allows market participants with EEX power futures positions to enter bids in the corresponding EPEX SPOT Day-Ahead auction.
These services enable market participants to transform open Futures transactions into a physical fulfilment without a daily manual order submission on the spot market. In order to use the Physical Fulfilment Service, a separate PHYFUL Portfolio is required for the respective market area, which can be applied for at EPEX SPOT.

Local Flex trading

An innovation powered by EPEX SPOT

To foster the integration of renewable energy sources and to enhance the engagement of consumers and producers in the power market, EPEX SPOT develops local flexibility markets. A neutral and transparent market platform pools local flexibility offers. Market participants gain new opportunities to value their flexible assets, system operators obtain new tools to manage congestions and to optimize grid planning.


Organisation of EPEX Local Flex


EPEX Local Flex


Do you want to learn more about our Local Flex markets? Just send an email to localflex@epexspot.com.