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Archive 2018
2018-12-19 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT welcomes central role of electricity trading in future European energy market rules

2018-12-14 | PRESS RELEASE

New record set on French Intraday market

2018-12-13 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT introduces curtailable blocks and loop blocks on all Day-Ahead markets

2018-12-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council looks forward to new market launches in the Nordic, Baltic countries and Poland

2018-12-05 | PRESS RELEASE

RE: XBID – 2nd Wave Go-Live and Changes in Gate Opening Time from 1st January 2019

2018-11-28 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT and National Grid to launch frequency response auction trial

2018-11-26 | PRESS RELEASE

Intraday trading harmonized across eight countries

2018-11-20 | PRESS RELEASE

Greek power market operator, Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. (HEnEx), welcomed as newest member of the Price Coupling of Regions Initiative

2018-11-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Day-Ahead volumes in Austria and Germany-Luxembourg display stable growth

2018-10-15 | PRESS RELEASE

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste has stepped down from his CEO mandate

2018-10-12 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT supports Exergy platform to be launched by LO3 Energy

2018-10-03 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT launches two new Intraday auctions in Great Britain, both coupled with the Irish market

2018-10-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Irish Power Spot Market Launched

2018-10-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Impressive growth of the Belgian Day-Ahead market

2018-10-01 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT to publish separate prices and volumes for the Austrian and German Day-Ahead markets

2018-09-13 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council welcomes advancements on UK market

2018-09-06 | PRESS RELEASE

European Cross-Border Intraday (XBID) Solution trades exceed 2.5 million since go-live

2018-09-04 | PRESS RELEASE

Belgian Day-Ahead, Dutch Intraday and German 15-minute auction reach monthly records

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