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Archive 2016
2016-12-15 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT successfully launches first auction of French capacity market

2016-12-14 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT celebrates 10 years of Swissix

2016-12-12 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council approves the introduction of Intraday auctions in the Netherlands and in France

2016-12-06 | NEWS

Consultation paper on a new Intraday coupling model for the Italian borders

2016-12-05 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT power trading results of November 2016

2016-12-02 | NEWS

10 years since the first Market Coupling initiative TLC

2016-11-08 | PRESS RELEASE

EPEX SPOT power trading results of October 2016

2016-10-17 | PRESS RELEASE

Markets have to mirror physics - 1st EPEX Power Market Summit held in Brussels

2016-10-05 | PRESS RELEASE

Successful launch of the new Belgian-French & Belgian-Dutch Intraday solution

2016-10-04 | PRESS RELEASE

Members extend trading activities

2016-09-19 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council: Intraday migration and single exchange membership as further milestones in APX/EPEX integration

2016-09-16 | PRESS RELEASE

Jonas Törnquist appointed new Chief Operating Officer of EPEX SPOT

2016-09-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Flexibility contracts grow their importance across markets

2016-08-01 | PRESS RELEASE

Volume in flexibility contracts grows across Central Western Europe

2016-07-21 | PRESS RELEASE

Austrian-Slovenian border successfully coupled

2016-07-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Austrian-Slovenian Coupling to launch on 21 July 2016

2016-07-04 | PRESS RELEASE

French and Swiss power markets expand liquidity

2016-06-23 | PRESS RELEASE

Japan Electric Power Exchange and European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT to cooperate on multi-market product design

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