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Archive 2014
2014-12-12 | PRESS RELEASE

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste receives Lifetime Achievement Award

2014-12-09 | PRESS RELEASE

Successful launch of 15-Minute Intraday Call Auction in Germany

2014-12-08 | PRESS RELEASE

Exchange Council calls for European-wide implementation of Reverse Charge Mechanism

2014-12-01 | PRESS RELEASE

Power Trading Results in November 2014 - German Intraday volumes continue to thrive

2014-11-26 | PRESS RELEASE

Ten European gas & electricity associations call for a comprehensive implementation of the EU anti-VAT-fraud package by all 28 Member States

2014-11-21 | NEWS

Italian borders Market Coupling consultation paper

2014-11-19 | PRESS RELEASE

4M Market Coupling launches successfully by using PCR solution

2014-11-19 | NEWS

4M Market Coupling launched with success

2014-11-13 | PRESS RELEASE

15-minute Intraday call auction to launch 9 December 2014

2014-11-03 | PRESS RELEASE

Power Trading Results in October 2014 - French Day-Ahead exceeds 6 TWh

2014-10-15 | NEWS

4M Market Coupling to launch 19 November 2014

2014-10-14 | PRESS RELEASE

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste selected as 2014 Global Energy Awards Finalist

2014-10-01 | PRESS RELEASE

Power Trading Results in September 2014 - Intraday volume grows 46% year-on-year

2014-09-29 | PRESS RELEASE

Flexibilization is a central element of the further enhancement of power markets

2014-09-25 | PRESS RELEASE

CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling launch to be pushed over the winter (31 March 2015)

2014-09-22 | MEDIA COVERAGE

European Power Trading, pillar of the German Energy Transition

2014-09-18 | PRESS RELEASE

15-minute Intraday Call Auction will help reveal the value of flexibility

2014-09-01 | PRESS RELEASE

Power Trading Results in August 2014 - August volumes surge to 1 TWh daily, 8% year-on-year

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