Austrian-Slovenian Coupling to launch on 21 July 2016

Communication to Market Participants

Dear Market Participants,

In the communication of 17 June, AT-SI project parties officially announced the launch of the Market Coupling on the Austrian - Slovenian border (AT-SI) and the foreseen go-live date.

The initially planned go-live date of 12 July (trading day) is postponed due to an IT implementation matter.

Today it can be confirmed that the AT-SI Market Coupling will be in operations as of the 21 July for delivery day 22 July. From this date onwards, day-ahead capacity for the AT-SI border will be implicitly allocated through the PCR solution, making this border a part of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC).

During a transitional period, shadow auctions on this border will not be performed in case of decoupling. In such a case the intraday market would be used as respective fallback. Market Participants will be informed in due time about the exact implementation date of shadow auctions.

Best regards,

The AT-SI project parties