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Block and Smart Block Orders launched on coupled GB Intraday auctions


Block and Smart Block Orders are now available for trading on the GB IDA1 (17h30 GMT / 18h30 CET) and IDA2 (8h GMT / 9h CET) coupled auctions.

These new features bring new opportunities for all types of market participants to deploy different strategies (e.g. easier optimisation of various assets). Block orders also facilitate the balancing of positions for market participants before the opening of the GB Intraday continuous market.

Block orders allow traders to combine a certain number of 60/30 or 15 minute time units in one order. All time units covered in a block order are submitted at the same price. Block orders allow market participants to tailor the trading portfolio more precisely to generation and consumption profiles.

They have been an essential feature on the EPEX Day-Ahead market for years and have been gradually introduced also on the EPEX Intraday auctions since 2018.