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Welcoming the draft network code for Demand Response

Paris, 21 May 2024. The organisations All Nemo Committee, SmartEn, SolarPower, Eurolectric, Energy Traders Europe, Europex and EASE have come together to welcome the new network code drafted by ENTSO-E and the EU DSO Entity. 

The Demand Response Network Code should ensure that the regulatory provisions set in the Electricity Market Design are clarified and correctly implemented in a harmonised way across Member States to enable and that no undue regulatory barriers limit the participation of demand response and distributed energy resources (DERs) in any electricity markets. 

The stakeholders jointly ask ACER and the European Commission to ensure that the network code: 

  • Firmly promotes market-based flexibility procurement first
  • Does not protect the status quo, as it risks failing to achieve a lower cost energy system
  • Is harmonised, interoperable and forward-looking
  • Recognises the urgency of having well-functioning and resilient decentralized electricity systems and markets

To read the joint statement see PDF attached