Single Intraday Coupling in Germany from 15:00 CET with coupled market liquidity

The four German Transmission System Operators (TSOs) (50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet Germany, TransnetBW) and the German Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool are pleased to announce that market participants will soon be able to trade in the continuous intraday timeframe across all four TSO scheduling areas in the German/Luxembourg bidding zone from 15:00h CET. Agreement to this effect between all parties was facilitated by Bundesnetzagentur.

Testing has already started, with go-live envisaged for 31st May 2021.

Market participants will then be able to trade without limitations in the German/Luxembourg bidding zone from 15:00 CET on the day before delivery, based on combined market liquidity from the continuous markets of all German NEMOs (irrespective of which NEMO they have chosen as a service provider) - three hours earlier than today.

Under the newly agreed arrangements, both NEMOs have committed to use the SIDC (XBID) system from 15:00 CET each day, meaning they will provide all orders received from their market participants entirely to the SIDC system.