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A Single Day-Ahead Market Coupling (SDAC) decoupling training session with market participants will be organised on 20 March 2024

26 February 2024; To give market participants the opportunity to confirm that they are properly prepared to handle a day-ahead market decoupling incident in real operations and real-life conditions, regular training sessions involving all operational parties are conducted. Since the go-live of SDAC in 2014, more than 3,600 successful market coupling sessions have been conducted.

In the last 10 years, only five incidents have happened that led to a partial decoupling of the SDAC Market. As part of the SDAC evaluation of these incidents, recommendations have been made to perform training sessions involving all operational parties (Transmission System Operators [TSOs], Nominated Electricity Market Operators [NEMOs], Central Clearing Parties (CCPs), Shadow Auction entities, etc.) including Market Participants.

For the registration of Market Participants please contact your NEMO and/or send an email to Joint Allocation Office (JAO) to the following email address: helpdesk@jao.eu. The deadline for registration is 13 March. Further information on the training session (test scenario, schedule, test environments, etc.) will be provided by the NEMOs and JAO directly to their registered members and clients.

About SDAC

SDAC allocates scarce cross-border transmission capacity in the most efficient way by coupling wholesale electricity markets from different regions through a common algorithm, simultaneously taking into account cross-border transmission constraints, thereby maximising social welfare. The aim of SDAC is to create a single pan European cross zonal day-ahead electricity market. An integrated day-ahead market increases the overall efficiency of trading by promoting effective competition, increasing liquidity and enabling a more efficient utilisation of generation resources across Europe.

For additional information on SDAC go to: