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RTE becomes member of the EPEX Spot exchange

EPEX Spot SE is pleased to welcome RTE (“Réseau de Transport d’Electricité”) as a new trading member on the French auction segment of the exchange.EPEX Spot now counts 72 trading members on the French hub out of 176 in total (French, erman/Austrian, Swiss).

RTE, the French electricity Transmission System Operator, is the first member to start on the French hub of EPEX Spot since its creation in September 2008. EPEX Spot SE founders, EEX and Powernext, hold 50 percent each in the joint company, based in Paris, where they ave transferred their entire power spot trading activities. The product range of EPEX Spot E comprises so far spot trading in power for Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland.


EEX operates Spot and Derivatives Markets for energy products and energy-related products. ith more than 200 trading participants from 19 countries it is the energy exchange in ontinental Europe which boasts the biggest number of trading participants and the highest urnover. Power, natural gas and CO2 emission rights are traded both short-term on the Spot Market and long-term on the Derivatives Market with a time horizon of up to six years nto the future. Furthermore, EEX offers financially settled coal futures. Clearing of exchange nd over-the-counter transactions (OTC clearing) is provided by European Commodity
Clearing AG (ECC). ECC is the clearing house of EEX and a subsidiary of the exchange.

Powernext SA, incorporated in July 2001, manages several complementary, transparent and anonymous energy markets: Powernext® Gas Spot and Powernext® Gas Futures ere launched on November 26, 2008 allowing the market participants to cover their volume nd price risks from Within-Day to the next three gas seasons; Powernext® Balancing GRTgaz allows the Transmission System Operator, GRTgaz, to progressively cover its daily balancing needs through a market based mechanism. Powernext® Futures provides electricity rice risk hedging for a period ranging from one month to three years. During the second
quarter 2009, Powernext will contribute the French power derivatives to a new dedicated mbH [German limited liability company] based in Leipzig and, will own 20 percent of the hares in the joint company.