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Power Exchanges and Transmission System Operators on Italian borders sign cooperation agreement for Day-Ahead Market Coupling

Cooperation agreement aims to design day-ahead pre-and post-coupling processes

Power Exchanges (PXs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on Italian borders (ADMIE, APG, BSP, ELES, EPEX SPOT, EXAA, GME, LAGIE, RTE, SWISSGRID and TERNA) started cooperating with the aim of launching a day-ahead market coupling project.

The initiative is launched in accordance with ACER's roadmap for the integration of the European internal energy market. The project is based upon the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR), which has been chosen as the market coupling solution for the integration of the European electricity market.

To this end, on 30 November 2012, the parties participating in the project have signed a cooperation agreement defining the scope and the main features of the design phase:

  • the impact assessment of the project and the planning activity of the pre- and post-coupling processes, which will be transparent and compatible with other European market coupling solutions already implemented;
  • the design of the pre-coupling and post-coupling processes (cross-border capacities assessment and publication, information exchange, settlement management, distribution of congestion rent);
  • the management of the regulatory and contractual aspects associated with the project.

By entering into the “Cooperation Agreement for the Italian borders pre- and post- coupling processes”, the involved PXs and TSOs commit to strongly contribute to the integration process of wholesale electricity markets within Europe outlined in the “Third Energy Package”.