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Open letter from CEOs of European NEMOs calling for deletion of the Single Legal Entity (SLE)

Paris, 9 November 2023. The CEOs of the power exchanges representing all Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) have expressed their concern about a specific aspect of the proposed Electricity Market Design (EMD) reform paving the way to take the organisation of the Market Coupling Operation (MCO) function away from the TSOs and NEMOs transferring it instead to a Single Legal Entity (SLE).

The power exchanges, together with the electricity transmission system operators (TSOs), develop, implement, and operate the European Market Coupling, a highly efficient and exceptionally reliable solution for integrating the European day-ahead and intraday markets. Given all NEMOs experience, they would like to remark their extremely strong concern over any plans of the European Commission and co-legislators to enforce a SLE for the Market Coupling Operator function, of which the first steps are the Council general approach, Articles 7, paragraph (1), and Article 59.

Read the full letter in the PDF attached, and contact the Davide Orifici, Director of Public & Regulatory Affairs, at d.orifici@epexspot.com for further information.