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North-Western Europe price coupling starts simulation tests

North-Western Europe Price Coupling

12 August 2013

The North-Western Europe (NWE) Price Coupling project is happy to announce the successful completion of integration tests and the start of simulation tests since 6 August 2013. Following months of development and constant improvement of the systems, the partners will now focus on testing the systems and procedures in production-like environments. Overall, more than 20 parties take part in the testing activities.
The NWE Price Coupling is based on the NWE Procedures and the PCR solution, the Price Coupling of Regions. The start of simulation tests is an important milestone in the implementation of the NWE Price Coupling. NWE is scheduled to start in November 2013.

Bente Hagem & Jean-François Conil-Lacoste
Co-Chairs of the NWE Price Coupling Project