Nordic Intraday markets get off to a sound start

New record on Belgian Intraday

Amsterdam / Bern / Brussels / Leipzig / London / Paris / Vienna, 03 June 2020. In May 2020, a total volume of 50.7 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT’s Day-Ahead and Intraday power markets (May 2019: 49.7 TWh).

Day-Ahead markets

In May 2020, power trading on the Day-Ahead markets on EPEX SPOT accounted for 42,294,399 MWh (May 2019: 42,195,715 MWh).

Prices in Central Western Europe, connected within the Multiregional Coupling, converged 37% of the time (May 2019: 63%).

Intraday markets

On the EPEX SPOT Intraday markets, a total volume of 8,377,959 MWh was traded in May 2020 (May 2019: 7,489,654 MWh). The Nordic Intraday markets were launched on 25 May and reached a combined 18,771 MWh by the end of the month. A new monthly record was registered on the Belgian Intraday, with 255,975 MWh traded, and on the GB Intraday auctions, with a total of 132,119 MWh. The Swiss Intraday auctions grew by 145% on year, reaching a combined 99,383 MWh.

In May, cross-border trades matched between EPEX SPOT members represented 19.7% of the total continuous Intraday volume. 15 minute contracts represented 15.5% of the volume traded on the German, Austrian, Swiss, Dutch and Belgian continuous Intraday markets.

More details on volumes and prices are available in the enclosed report below.

New members

In May, EPEX SPOT welcomed Unigy GmbH as new member of the Exchange.



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