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Monthly Power Trading Results of February 2022

Amsterdam / Berlin / Bern / Brussels / London / Paris / Vienna, 2 March 2022.

  • A total volume of 49.5 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT markets in February 2022 (February 2021: 51.6 TWh).

EPEX Day-Ahead

  • Power trading on the Day-Ahead markets on EPEX SPOT accounted for 38,931.7 GWh (February 2021: 41,952.2 GWh).
  • The GB 30 minute Day-Ahead auction grew by +21.7% on year and reached 587.8 GWh (February 2021: 482.9 GWh).

EPEX Intraday

  • On the EPEX SPOT Intraday markets, a total volume of 10,613.7 GWh was traded (February 2021: 9,618.2 GWh).
  • The Danish Intraday continuous market reached a new trading record, with a total of 256.8 GWh traded (February 2021: 175.4 GWh).
  • EPEX SPOT and ECC launched their Intraday offer in Poland on 2 February 2022. A total of 6.4 GWh was traded since the launch.

More details on volumes and prices are available in the enclosed report from page 4. Please note that volumes are calculated by using the common industry standard in electricity and exchange business : For auction trading, the one-sided Market Clearing Volume is listed. For continuous trading, the aggregated sell & buy volume is divided by 2.


In February, EPEX SPOT welcomed Alipes Energy ApS, EGO Energy S.r.l. and Dare Power Limited as new members of the Exchange.