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Launch of new sponsorship offer

New membership modality opens power market to new businesses and organisations

16 June 2022

The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT plans to launch a new membership model enabling a wider and more diverse range of businesses and organisations to trade on EPEX SPOT markets. The launch of this new offer is planned in September 2022, subject to technical, legal and member readiness.

The new sponsorship offer will, for the first time, allow Exchange members to outsource either trading or clearing to another chosen member of EPEX SPOT. This sponsorship offer is supported by a contractual partnership between EPEX SPOT and the two Exchange members, under EPEX SPOT Rulebook.

More specifically, EPEX sponsorship offer will include two options:

  • Passport Membership – This offer is tailor-made for companies who want to join the Exchange but do not wish to set up their own clearing infrastructure. These companies will be granted a Passport Membership, and partner with another Exchange member of their choice who will support their trading activity via its own clearing infrastructure.
  • Integrated Trading on Behalf – This offer enables EPEX SPOT members to outsource all or part of their trading portfolio to another certified Exchange member of their choice, using their own clearing infrastructure. These companies can benefit from a wide range of trading services, such as handling of week-end/night shifts or expert optimization of specific assets.

If you want to learn more about these sponsorship offers, please send an email to sales@epexspot.com