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Four key recommendations: EPEX SPOT responds to consultation on Network Code on Demand Response proposal

Paris, 13 November 2023. DSO Entity and ENTSO-E have been tasked by the European Commission in its letter of 9 March 2023 to develop a new European Network Code on Demand Response (NC DR). According to the Framework Guideline on Demand Response of 20 December 2022 issued by ACER, the new Network Code shall aim at “removing all undue barriers for the participation of these resources in all wholesale electricity markets (including those for procuring SO services), and establishing European principles for the assessment of the need for, the procurement of and the use of local SO services.”

A proposal for the new Network Code on Demand Response was publicly consulted until 10 November 2023. As European Power Exchange and developer of local flexibility market solutions, EPEX SPOT is sharing its assessment on critical aspects of the proposed text. 

Please find EPEX SPOT’s key recommendations for improving the Network Code on Demand Response proposal attached.