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EPEX SPOT’s key recommendations to ACER consultation on Demand Response Barriers

Paris, 29 February 2024. Early February 2024, EPEX SPOT submitted the consultation response to ACER. This consultation was aimed at gathering stakeholders' views regarding the findings of ACER's 2023 Market Monitoring Report on Barriers to Demand Response. The focus of the report is on barriers holding back demand response and other distributed energy resources, including an analysis of where market-based provision of flexibility to the power system is lacking in Europe.

Our key messages of the response are the following: 

  1. Promote more strongly and clearly the market-based flexibility procurement of congestion management services by system operators.
  2. Local flexibility markets for congestion management create the right economic space for the development of flexibility.
  3. Ensure interoperability through standardisation and technology but avoid combined markets with forwarding of bids.
  4. Incentive system operators to engage in market-based flexibility procurement.

Please see PDF attached for more details on our key recommendations on market-based flexibility procurement for congestion management in response to the ACER consultation on demand response barriers.

In addition, you can read the ACER's 2023 Market Monitoring Repor there.