EPEX SPOT reacts to announcement of Nordic Multi-NEMO Arrangement project


EPEX SPOT regrets to inform market participants that the Nordic Multi-NEMOs Arrangement (MNA) project parties have decided to re-schedule the project’s go-live date, initially confirmed for 10 March 2020. This happens despite EPEX SPOT’s technical readiness in launching the Nordic Day-Ahead auction markets. 

The delay was requested by the Nordic Transmission System Operators and Nominated Electricity Market Operators to undertake additional simulation tests to secure the robustness and reliability when performing market coupling processes.

EPEX SPOT will be ready to offer trading services in the Nordics from day 1 of the Nordic MNA project launch.

We remain fully committed and ready to deliver these new markets as soon as all parties confirm that we can move forward. In order to deliver on our customers’ wishes to launch our trading offer in the Nordics, we continue to do everything within our power to make sure these additional simulation tests are successful.” – John Farthing , Sales Director

The launch of the EPEX SPOT Intraday offer is not impacted by this and remains on schedule for Q1, subject to successful testing.