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EPEX SPOT participates in Bundesnetzagentur consultation

Bonn/ Paris, 30.1.2023

EPEX SPOT has contributed to the consultation initiated by Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) on the determination procedure for the integration of controllable consumption devices and controllable grid connections according to §14a Energy Industry Act. BNetzA takes initiatives that EPEX SPOT sees very critically: the proposals largely ignore market-based approaches to flexibility activation and focus exclusively on mandatory, non-market-based control of flexibilities by distribution system operators. Therefore, the scope of §14a shall be clearly limited in terms of scope of application, duration and number of interventions, and total volume. §14a can and should only be a transitional instrument on the way towards the European target model of market-based flexibility procurement. The provision of flexibility should be promoted via market incentives such as auctions or flexibility markets, because flexibility has a value.

To access EPEX SPOT's full response to the consultation (in German), click on the attached document.