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EPEX SPOT and APX trading results of September 2015

3 TWh of power traded in Central Western Europe and UK

Amsterdam / Bern / Brussels / Leipzig / London / Paris / Vienna, 1 October 2015. In September 2015, a total volume of 43 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT and APX Day-Ahead and Intraday power markets (September 2014: 29.9 TWh on EPEX SPOT and 7.7 TWh on APX).

Day-Ahead markets

In September 2015, power trading on the Day-Ahead markets on EPEX SPOT accounted for a total of 28,808,355 MWh (September 2014: 27,288,905 MWh) and on APX Day-Ahead markets 9,611,588 MWh (September 2014: 6,464,405 MWh). The APX Power UK Day-Ahead auction reached an all-time monthly record with a total of 4,333,839 MWh traded.
Prices in Central Western Europe, connected within the Multiregional Coupling, converged 8% of the time (September 2014: 9%).

Intraday markets

On the EPEX SPOT Intraday markets, a total volume of 3,397,453 MWh was traded in September 2015 (September 2014: 2,635,849 MWh). The APX Intraday markets totaled 1,165,278 MWh (September 2014: 1,207,929 MWh).
In August, cross-border trades represented 16.9% of the total continuous Intraday volume in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. 15-minute contracts represented 12.6% of the volume traded on the German and Swiss continuous Intraday markets.

Trading participants

In September, EPEX SPOT admitted POWERMART ApS for trading on the Swiss and French Intraday market; Ekologicke Zdroje Energie s.r.o. for trading on the German/Austrian Day-Ahead Auction, on the Austrian Intraday market and on the German 15-minute Intraday call auction; and Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG for trading on the German 15-minute Intraday call auction.

Details on the volumes and prices are available in the monthly report below.

volumes 09 2015prices 09 2015


The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT SE operates the short-term electricity markets for Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Striving for the creation of a European single market for electricity, EPEX SPOT shares its expertise with partners across the continent and beyond. EPEX SPOT is a European company (Societas Europaea) in corporate structure and staff, based in Paris with offices in Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels, Leipzig, London and Vienna. More than 280 companies trade over 450 TWh of electricity on EPEX SPOT and APX every year – one third of its countries’ electricity consumption. EPEX SPOT is held by EEX Group, part of Deutsche Börse, and European electricity transmission system operators. For more information: www.epexspot.com and www.apxgroup.com