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EEX and EPEX SPOT welcome ACER’s Final Assessment of the EU Wholesale Electricity Market Design of April 2022

EEX and EPEX SPOT welcome the results of the Final ACER Assessment on the EU Wholesale Electricity Market Design. Despite turbulent conditions, the market has guaranteed security of supply and reliable price signals. ACER concludes that the current market design is worth keeping. Furthermore, ACER points out 13 long-term measures to optimise market design for a low-carbon energy future. EEX and EPEX SPOT want to highlight our constant contribution to improve the market and achieve the EU decarbonisation objectives, with products such as Guarantees of Origin, 15- and 30-minutes trading, trading close to delivery, the Local Energy Market platform for demand-side flexibility.

Please find here EEX/EPEX SPOT’s assessment on the following long-term improvements proposed by ACER: (1) Deeper market integration, (2) Easier access to PPAs, (3) Support schemes for investment in renewables, (4) Market-making to stimulate liquidity in long-term markets, (6) Collateral requirements, (7) Demand-side Flexibility and (13) “Temporary relief valve”

We invite European policymakers to take our considerations into account while fostering an integrated and competitive European electricity market.