Driving a green stimulus plan for Europe - EEX Group thought contribution

The COVID-19 crisis has brought into focus the critical function exchanges and clearing houses play in ensuring the resilience of commodity markets. EEX Group has managed to remain open during the crisis, smoothening its seriousness and helping thousands of businesses large and small across Europe to navigate the market turmoil. As national governments and EU Institutions devise investment plans and economic recovery programmes, ECC, EPEX SPOT and EEX jointly published a paper in which they :

  1. Share their assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on European energy and commodity markets
  2. Reflect on the key role exchanges have played to smoothen the pandemic’s bearing on market players
  3. Offer their suggestion as to what stimulus plans in Europe should look like, and how to combine real economic relief and bold, forward-looking climate action.

Exchanges and commodity markets can sustain Europe’s long-term recovery by providing accurate and meaningful price signals, guaranteeing the robustness of the European financial system and facilitating market-based climate action investments.

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