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CWE/Nordic coupling joint target launch date

Paris, 29/07/2010 - On 7 of May 2010, in Bonn and in presence of the CWE-Nordic Regulators, the CWE-Nordic TSOs, Power Exchanges and EMCC committed to prepare for a simultaneous go-live (launch) of the CWE-Nordic Interim Tight Volume Coupling (ITVC) solution and the CWE Price Coupling solution, as close as possible to 7 of September 2010, the initial target launch date for the CWE region.

The ITVC solution is based on the existing EMCC tight volume coupling model on the German borders with Denmark and Sweden. It is scheduled to be implemented in two steps, with the NorNed cable being integrated in the second step. The ITVC is an interim solution that will be replaced by an enduring price coupling solution covering at least the entire CWE and Nordic regions. The CWE and Nordic parties have established a detailed project planning, including alignment of business processes and testing of the solution according to the necessary quality standards. The planning also caters for testing of the operational fall back mechanism, i.e. shadow auctions performed by CASC-CWE which is planned to be in place from the start of ITVC.

According to this planning, the combined target launch date of the ITVC step 1 solution and CWE Price coupling is 9 November 2010. The target launch date of ITVC step 2, including NorNed capacity, is 14 December. Both target launch dates are subject to successful completion of all necessary tests and subject to regulatory approval of the solution. Confirmation of a firm launch date for step 1 is expected to be given by mid September.

CWE, EMCC and Nordic parties