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ACER and ElCom approve EPEX SPOT as Registered Reporting Mechanism

Paris / Leipzig / Bern / Vienna, 8 September 2015. The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT has been approved as registered reporting mechanism (RRM) by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) as well as the Swiss electricity regulator ElCom. The authorisation as a RRM is a prerequisite for offering data reporting services in the context of the Regulation on Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT).

From 7 October onwards, all orders submitted to and transactions concluded on an Organised Market Place such as EPEX SPOT will have to be reported to ACER. The perimeter of data covered by REMIT should also be reported to ElCom for Swiss-based market participants. EPEX SPOT will support trading participants in fulfilling these obligations towards ACER and ElCom by providing data reporting services.

With this step, EPEX SPOT contributes to transparency of the energy wholesale market while keeping complexity low.


The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT SE operates the short-term electricity markets for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. EPEX SPOT owns 100% of APX Group (including Belpex), operator of the short-term electricity markets for the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Striving for the creation of a European single market for electricity, EPEX SPOT shares its expertise with partners across the continent and beyond. EPEX SPOT is a European company (Societas Europaea) in corporate structure and staff, based in Paris with offices in Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels, Leipzig, London and Vienna. 275 companies trade over 450 TWh of electricity on EPEX SPOT and APX every year – one third of its countries’ electricity consumption. EPEX SPOT is held by EEX Group, part of Deutsche Börse, and European electricity transmission system operators. For more information: www.epexspot.com