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11 May 2022: The Market Coupling Steering Committee (MCSC) initiated an in-depth investigation of the partial decoupling on the 10 of May

Communication note - 11 May 2022

During the market coupling process on 10 May a technical issue was experienced that led to a partial decoupling.

  • Country/Bidding zone decoupled from a market point of view from SDAC: Slovakia
  • Order book decoupled from the SDAC process: OKTE

The following interconnectors were decoupled from SDAC: CZ-SK, SK-HU, DE_50Hz-PL/CZ, PL-DE_50Hz/CZ/SK, CZ-DE_50Hz, CZ-PL, SK-PL, DE_50Hz-PL

The incident was caused by a technical issue at OKTE. The party reported that the issue occurred in their local trading system. The issue could not be resolved within the time allocated by the SDAC procedures and partial decoupling was declared. The final market coupling results for the remaining coupled parties were published at 13:41 CET and they were confirmed at 13:52 CET. The common coupling system worked as expected and ensured the coupling of the remaining part of SDAC.

The MCSC has initiated an in-depth investigation. A decoupling report summarising  the outcome of the investigation and potential lessons learned is expected to be published before long.