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Dynamic Pricing License for Electricity Retailers

With the increase of renewable energy production and a strong commitment towards decarbonization, Dynamic Energy Tariffs based on EPEX SPOT Indices are widely offered to allow the final consumers to optimise their energy consumption based on the wholesale market price.  

Why use EPEX SPOT indices for Dynamic Pricing?

EPEX SPOT’s range of indices has established itself as a reliable price reference, thanks to the high membership diversity, the market liquidity and flexible product offering. Additionally, the EPEX SPOT Market Surveillance division ensures at all time the integrity and transparency of these high-quality price indices. 

Dynamic Pricing License

For Electricity retailers, EPEX SPOT has developed a specific turnkey-license, authorizing the usage of price indices for Dynamic Tariffs. The License consists of the following: 

  1. The reference price index: While the Day-Ahead Auction price is a widely used price reference, the Intraday Auction price or also the Indices of the Continuous Intraday Market could be used as well. 

  1. Data format: Depending on your preferences and needs, our data is available either in csv format (data for the current year, past years), published on a sftp server, or real-time through an API. 

  1. Dynamic Pricing License: The license is applicable per country of establishment of your customers. 

  1. Specific authorisations: With this specific License, you are authorised to use EPEX SPOT data to offer Dynamic Pricing to your customers, and to display the data in the private section of your website, accessible to your customers.  



Electricity Retailers offering Dynamic Tariffs

Company Country Contact Website

Aplus Energy GmbH


E-Mail: hallo@ostrom.de


NaturStromHandel GmbH Germany

E-Mail: kundenservice@naturstrom.de

Phone: 0211 779 00 - 300


Sonnenstrom Saarpfalz OHG Germany

Marc Kratz

E-Mail: marc.kratz@sonnenstrom-saarpfalz.de

 Phone: +49 176 83128517

Stadtwerke Duisburg AG Germany

Ramona Kaiser

E-Mail: KaiserR@dvv.de
Phone: +49 203 604 2583



Software Providers for Electricity Retailers offering Dynamic Tariffs

Company Country Contact Website
Exnaton Germany

Anselma Wörner
E-Mail: anselma@exnaton.com


GET AG Germany

Robert Reinsch

E-Mail: robert.reinsch@get-ag.com

Phone: +49 (0)160 377 4269



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