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Services to other Power Exchanges

EPEX SPOT participates in projects on a European level. By sharing our knowledge and best practices we contribute to developing cutting edge power market solutions.

Our role in Central and South Eastern Europe

HUPX and SEEPEX – two well established partnerships

EPEX SPOT is a service-oriented company, and servicing other Power Exchanges is part of our business model.

EPEX SPOT provides market operating services to the South East European Power Exchange SEEPEX and holds 25% of the shares of the Exchange. SEEPEX currently offers Day-Ahead trading in Serbia.

HUPX provides transparent and reliable reference prices for the Day-Ahead market in Hungary, serviced by EPEX SPOT. This cooperation contributes to the harmonization of the trading and clearing systems in Europe, facilitating further regional integration of the Eastern European electricity market.

In February 2018, ELEKTROMREŽA SRBIJE, EPEX SPOT, HUPX, the Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company MAVIR and SEEPEX have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which foresees the creation of a strong cross-regional Power Exchange in the Central and South Eastern European region.
The pentalateral agreement foresees a merger between the HUPX and SEEPEX spot power businesses, while maintaining a steady link to EPEX SPOT, in order to create a strong player in the Central and South Eastern European (CESE) region.

4M Market Coupling

This Trilateral Coupling was extended to Romania in 2014 to the so-called 4M Market Coupling, implementing the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution, already in place in the NWE and SWE regions, for the Day-Ahead markets of Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The power exchanges OKTE and HUPX have selected EPEX SPOT as their service provider for the operation of their coupling solution following an independent selection process on a local basis. The 4M Market Coupling launched on 19 November 2014 with Gate Closure Time set at 11:00 CET. It is a pragmatic step for the further integration of spot markets, which is a prerequisite for achieving the pan-European power market. It is expected to couple the 4M Market Coupling to the pan-European Market Coupling with Gate Closure Time at 12:00 CET in 2020.

I-SEM: The Integrated Single Electricity Market in Ireland

The implementation of the EU Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) triggered a transformation of the power market landscape across Europe. In this context, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have been reforming their power markets. The Irish transmission system operators EirGrid and its affiliate SONI, both operating the single Irish transmission grid, have launched a tender, comprising the operation of the Integrated Single Electricity Market in Ireland (I-SEM), including Day-ahead and Intraday markets, market coupling, as well as clearing and settlement activities.
EPEX SPOT and ECC were chosen to support EirGrid and SONI to set up the new local power exchange SEMOpx, which operates coupled Day-ahead and Intraday markets in Ireland since 30 September 2018. ECC performs clearing and settlement for all transactions concluded on SEMOpx.

Service provisions from EPEX SPOT allow market participants all over Europe to benefit from reliable trading and clearing solutions that have proven their efficiency on Europe’s biggest power markets.