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Exchange Members

Our markets bring together a variety of players in the energy sector. Diverse companies trade on EPEX SPOT Day-Ahead and Intraday markets, and they all fulfil a specific role within the overall energy value chain.

Who trades on our markets?

Our members are producers, suppliers, energy-intensive consumers, aggregators, network operators and trading companies.

As third-party trading is permitted on EPEX SPOT markets, several members also trade on behalf of smaller companies. Some companies also specialize in pooling small assets, from decentralised renewable producers, demand response aggregators, or other smaller suppliers, to pool knowledge and infrastructure.

Utilities buy and sell electricity to adjust imbalances between the production of their power plants and the supply to their customers.

Municipal and regional suppliers specialise in supplying end consumers. They often provide a whole set of services to their consumers, such as power and gas supply, water and waste infrastructure, and so on.

Banks and financial service providers have an essential role in providing additional liquidity on the wholesale power market. These companies do not necessarily own power assets but are active on the market.

Trading companies provide additional liquidity to the market and have advanced expertise in the management of electricity portfolios and power trading.These companies do not own power assets.

Actors from energy-intensive industries are also involved in the wholesale market in order to purchase power at the wholesale market price.

Transmission and Distribution System Operators intervene on the spot markets in order to compensate their grid losses. In Germany, they are also in charge of marketing green electricity as a result of the feed-in tariff regulatory scheme.

Aggregators and Direct Marketers operate power plant pools or virtual power plants. They act on behalf of a group of consumers, gathering liquidity which they then bring to the wholesale market.

List of Exchange Members

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Membership profile

The membership of EPEX SPOT is highly diverse. Utilities and Energy Trading Companies represent more than half of the Exchange’s members. Other significant players at the Exchange include municipal and regional suppliers, aggregators, commercial consumers, banks and financial service providers and Transmission System Operators.


Categories of Exchange Members


EPEX SPOT members are also geographically spread out, coming from over 20 different countries. About 27% are from Germany, 14% are from the United Kingdom and 10% of our members are based in Switzerland. Other well-represented countries include: France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.


Countries of Exchange Members