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Renewables Cross-border Intraday markets: Increasing flexibility


Cross-border Intraday markets: Increasing flexibility

EPEX SPOT’s Intraday markets provides an effective solution for integrating intermittent supply, enabling producers and consumers to balance their positions closer to real time and with the benefit of more accurate forecasts. In particular, our Intraday markets allow for energy to be traded up to 5 minutes ahead of delivery, which provides a level of flexibility welcomed by market players who trade both renewable and conventional energy.
Furthermore on the Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, German and Swiss Intraday market, 15-minute contracts offer trading participants a further increased level of flexibility. Since 2017 EPEX SPOT also offers 30-minute contracts on the French, German and Swiss Intraday market. These contracts provide greater flexibility to handle intermittency and the daily ramping effects of renewable production, contributing to a more balanced market.



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