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E-Learning E-learning modules about markets, trading and clearing



Based on its know-how and its knowledge of the European power market, EPEX SPOT would like to offer you well-adapted training courses available through high quality media.

These training courses rely on an active pedagogy and new technologies. The different modules are available on-line on a specific platform. The access is secured by a login and password granted upon registration.

These training courses are  directed to traders as well as any person's willing to learn more about the European power market  functioning and environment. There are two categories of training courses, one reserved for our members (A to D) and another one available to all (as of E). If you just see training courses available to all whereas your company is a member of EPEX SPOT, please send a mail to marketdata@epexspot.com and you will be given an access.

Online registrationcart.pngand payment by bank transfer or credit card are now available for our online training courses

You can also watch a video videoicon1.png of each training course



EPEX SPOT Regular modules

Ref Training Module Content Demo Price VAT excluded/year Package
(Price VAT excluded/year/language)
for 1 user with unlimited access several users with unlimited access
(new users can be added at any time during the year starting at the package order date)
Up to 10 users Up to 20 users Up to 100 users ***

available to EPEX SPOT members only

A EPEX SPOT trading handbook Day-Ahead, Intraday, 15-Min. Intraday Call Auction Germany. Detailed information on the operational aspects of the power market, Rules and Regulation, products, markets, online trading demos, fallback procedures      500.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,800.00  € 5,000.00  €
B Kit EPEX SPOT exam* EPEX SPOT Trading Handbook + the exam (3 attempts): The exam can be taken at any time. 26 questions to answer within 30 minutes. Score displayed at the end and the user can start trading immediately. 650.00  € 4,000.00  € 6,000.00  € 8,000.00  €
P Capacity Market with Exam EPEX SPOT Capacity Market + the exam: French Capacity Market Auction. Detailed information on the operational aspects of the power market, Rules and Regulation, products, markets, online trading demos, fallback procedures 250.00  € n/a

available to all

E EPEX SPOT trading handbook for non-members** Day-Ahead, Intraday ,15-Min Intraday Call Auction Germany. Detailed information on the operational aspects of the power market, Rules and Regulation, products, markets 650.00  € 4,500.00  € 6,500.00  € 8,500.00  €
F Market Coupling in Europe Which are the main players, principles and advantages? The organization of the cross-border interconnections, the objectives and evolution of market coupling, functioning of the calculation algorithm EUPHEMIA, the calculation method of interconnection capacities :ATC/Flow-Based 750.00  € 4,500.00  € 5,500.00  € 7,000.00  €
G What is a power system? Description of the specificities of the power system (supply/demand),  its new economic organization operational characteristics, prices and balancing of the system   450.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,000.00  € 3,600.00  €
H What is a power exchange? The different types of exchanges, the characteristics of the Exchange: products, segments, trading and orders collection, broadcast of market results, details about the central counterparty, settlement and delivery, contractual relations  450.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,000.00  € 3,600.00  €
I Participating in the electricity wholesale market Introduction to the electricity wholesale market: opportunities and risks of the power market, liberalization and role of the market, who are the members? Various case studies such as: power plant failure, optimization of a generation power unit, examples of trading cases, focus on Exchange price behaviour 450.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,000.00  € 3,600.00  €
J Package of 3 modules: G, H and I Package of 3 modules:What is a power system? What is a power exchange? and How to use a power exchange? 1,150.00  € 6,250.00  € 7,500.00  € 9,000.00  €
K How to fight against VAT fraud? VAT definition and examples, details about VAT fraud, measures and action plan  450.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,000.00  € 3,500.00  €
L Basics about clearing and focus on ECC Basics: a clearing house, clearing members, contractual basis, guarantees as clearing requirement About ECC: presentation, exchanges and ECC members, affiliated TSOs, cleared products Membership requirements: procedure, contracts, requirements to become a member, fees, KYC process Rules & regulation: regulatory framework, contractual relationships for spot and derivatives markets 500.00  € 2,500.00  € 3,800.00  € 5,000.00  €

* 1 free training per new member the first year
** with restrictions
*** Recommended for intranet sites

Please do not hesitate to send us your impressions and suggestions about the e-learning platform: contact us at elearning@epexspot.com .

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