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Intraday market with delivery on the Austrian TSO zone



The minimum volume increment is 0.1 MW.


The minimum price increment is EUR 0.1 per MWh. The price range comprises -9 999.99 € to 9 999.99 €.


Electricity traded for a delivery on the same or on the following day on single hours, 15-minute periods or on block of hours. Each hour, 15-minute periods or block of hours can be traded until 5 minutes before delivery begins. Starting at 3pm on the current day, all hours of the following day can be traded. Starting at 4pm on the current day, all 15-minute periods of the following day can be traded.

Standardised blocks

  • Baseload covering hours 1 to 24
  • Peakload covering hours 9 to 20 on every week day (Mon-Fri)

Members also have the possibility to submit user-defined blocks linking several consecutive hours of their choice.

Type of orders

  • Limit orders
  • Market Sweep Orders

With execution restrictions: “Immediate-or-cancel” (IOC), “Fill-or-kill” (FOK), “All-or-none” (AON) or “Iceberg”.

Place of Delivery

Deliveries are made within the Austrian transmission system managed by Austrian Power Grid AG and APCS.

Trading hours


Trading is continuous 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

OTC trades

Intraday OTC trades can also be registered for clearing through the trading system.



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