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About us Corporate Social Responsibility at EPEX SPOT


At EPEX SPOT, we care about how to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our company values and business processes and to produce a positive impact on society.

We want to promote positive social and environmental change and include it in the long-term business growth and success.

Internally, we have been trying to reduce the impact of the environment for years with measures like:
•    recycling waste and consumables,
•    energy and paper saving (lighting control, hand dryer, electronic pay slips, email disclaimer, New Year E-cards …),
•    Mugs for employees to replace plastic cups,
•    CO2 saving with video conferencing systems.

At EPEX SPOT, we are also involved in the improvement of our employees’ workplace and welfare:
•    Water fountains, daily basket fruits offered…
•    Ergonomic chairs, resting area…

EPEX SPOT is also socially increasingly involved with the support to non-profit initiatives/associations:
•    Sponsorship of Face au Monde
•    Donation to the Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme (AfVT)
•    Sponsorship of the Rickshaw Run
•    Sponsorship of la Course du Coeur 2018 ,
•    Donation to the Secours Populaire to help buying Christmas presents to children in need
•    Donation to Restos du Coeur via collect of Tickets Restaurant.



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