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Further details on the incident on Friday 7/6

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On Friday 7 June, EPEX SPOT experienced a technical issue leading to a chain of events, that led to decoupling of the EPEX SPOT markets, cancellation of one set of market results and  the publication of new and final results. Hereby EPEX SPOT gives an outline of the events and further details will be communicated in the coming days.
From 11h39 onwards, EPEX SPOT experienced a technical issue with the ETS system, which is used for EPEX SPOT Day-Ahead auctions. This led to several consecutive server crashes, delaying the process of order collection at EPEX SPOT. With this delay, the deadline of 12h40 for partial decoupling, as defined in the PCR procedure, was reached and partial decoupling was declared at 12h49. The following EPEX SPOT markets were decoupled from MRC:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany-Luxembourg
  • Great Britain
  • The Netherlands

This partial decoupling of CWE and GB from Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) allowed for the other regions to run coupled Day-Ahead auctions. A partial decoupling of CWE and GB from MRC means that, according to procedure, local auctions are run on each national market.
The fixing measures applied, to ensure the local auctions could be run, led to a subsequent issue on the calculation and publication of erroneous market results on the EPEX SPOT website at 13h41 which EPEX SPOT therefore cancelled. EPEX SPOT reopened order books until 14h35. Final market results were published at 15h38. By 15h49 EPEX SPOT sent nominations to ECC and validated all transactions. All nominations and payments were completed and settled correctly.
Two system patches to correct the technical issue were deployed in production at 19h30 on 7 June, in order to secure the ongoing robustness of the trading system.
The EPEX SPOT markets have subsequently been running as expected and we do not expect any similar incidents on these markets.
EPEX SPOT is now fully investigating the incident, reviewing the systems and communication procedures. As mentioned above, EPEX SPOT will communicate more details of this incident as soon as we can.
(All timings are in CET)



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