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Produits Intraday Continuous


EPEX SPOT Intraday in Belgium

Minimum Volume Increment 0.1MW

The minimum price increment is EUR 0.1 per MWh. The price range comprises -9 999.99 € to 9 999.99 €.

Trading procedure     Continuous

Trading days     Year-round

Tradable Contracts (Expiries)    
1 hour of the day
Hour 01: the period between midnight and 1.00 am
Hour 02: the period between 1.00 am and 2.00 am, and so on and so forth
Hour 00: the period between 11.00 pm and midnight

Trading session opens    
24 hours a day
Hourly contracts for the next day open at 3:00 pm and until 5 minutes before the start of the delivery on day D.

Admissible Orders    
On the day of the switch from summer time to winter time, the hour no. 3 is divided in two hours that can be traded separately. On the day of the switch from winter time to summer time, the hour no. 3 cannot be traded.


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