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Decoupling of EPEX SPOT markets on 7 June

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Today, on 7 June, EPEX SPOT encountered technical issues in the Day-Ahead auction of the following markets:

· Austria
· Belgium
· France
· Germany-Luxembourg
· Great Britain (GB2)
· The Netherlands

These market areas were decoupled from the European Market Coupling MRC and local auctions were run, according to procedure and to EPEX SPOT Rules & Regulations.
The results of the local auctions were published at 15h38 on the EPEX SPOT website.

The technical issue encountered has been identified and corrected. Cases like this are extremely rare and our teams are trained to handle them according to procedure. EPEX SPOT will now conduct a thorough investigation, to make sure that all possible additional measures will be taken to prevent such an incident from happening again in the future.


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