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Products Intraday Auction


15-min. intraday auction with delivery on the German TSO zones



The minimum volume increment is 0.1 MW for individual quarter hours.


The minimum price increment is EUR 0.1 per MWh.


Electricity traded for delivery the following day in 96 quarter hour intervals.

Place of Delivery

Deliveries are made within either of the following TSOs zones:

  • Amprion GmbH
  • Tennet TSO GmbH
  • 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
  • TransnetBW GmbH

All these places of delivery form one market zone.

Auction hours:

The daily auction takes place at 15.00 pm, 7 days a week, year-round, including statutory holidays. 

Special case:

On the day of the switch from summer time to winter time, it will be possible to submit different orders for every single quarter hour.

Type of orders

Individual quarter hours

Orders contain up to 256 price/quantity combinations for each quarter hour of the following day. Prices must be between -3000 €/MWh and 3000 €/MWh. The 256 prices are not necessarily the same for each quarter hour. A volume – whether positive, negative or nil – must be entered at the price limits. A price-inelastic order is sent by putting the same quantity at the price limits.



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