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Holidays in France

01.01.2022 Jour de l'An (New Year)
18.04.2022 Lundi de Pâques (Easter Monday)
01.05.2022 Fête du travail (Labour Day)
08.05.2022 Fête de la libération (Victory Day)
26.05.2022 Ascension (Ascension Day)
06.06.2022 Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday)
14.07.2022 Fête nationale (National Day)
15.08.2022 Assomption (Assumption Of Mary)
01.11.2022 Toussaint (All Saints Day)
11.11.2022 Armistice 1918
25.12.2022 Noël (Christmas Day)

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