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Following the introduction of a capacity mechanism in France, EPEX SPOT set up an organized market place for auctions for French capacity guarantees. The first auction was held in December 2016. In the following years, the market will be organized through several auctions per year, with trading standardized guarantees for respective delivery years.

Please click here for the auction calendar.

If you would like to learn more about the characteristics of the auctions, the detailed trading process or the way to access this new market, have a look on at our Capacity Market Brochure and at the presentation held at the preparatory workshop on November 17, 2016:

Capacity Market type filesize
Brochure PDF 93.5 kB download icon
Auction Calendar PDF 324.8 kB download icon
Capacity Market: workshop 17 November 2016 type filesize
EPEX SPOT's presentation PDF 1.6 MB download icon
Capacity Market: Members' Webinar 11 October 2017 type filesize
Members' Webinar: Video MP4 62.1 MB download icon
Members' Webinar: Presentation PDF 2.3 MB download icon


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