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Welcome at the Press section of epexspot.com.

Here you may find all the necessary information about EPEX SPOT, its markets and its activities, recent and past press releases as well as a contact to the Head of Communications. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



If you are a journalist interested in receiving our press releases (about one to two per month), please click the “Sign up for EPEX SPOT PressConnect” button and fill out the form.

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Latest Press Release

EPEX SPOT assesses course of events and lessons learned from the Day-Ahead incident

Paris, 04/07/2019

Paris, 4 July 2019 . The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT has witnessed technical issues on its Day-Ahead markets on 7 June 2019, leading to a partial decoupling of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) and to further issues on the local auctions run in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands . The EPEX Intraday continuous markets were not affected by these technical issues. Decoupling of EPEX SPOT markets from MRC In the morning of Friday, 7... [more]

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Latest News

Root cause for the incident of 07 June 2019


On Friday 7 June, EPEX SPOT experienced a technical issue causing a chain of events that eventually led to decoupling of EPEX SPOT markets, cancellation of an erroneous set of local auction market results and the publication of new and final local results. The chain of events can be divided into two parts: one concerning the decoupling incident, the other concerning an incident on the local auction. The root cause at the beginning of the chain of events was a corrupt order entered into the... [more]

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