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Market Coupling ELIX: Towards a Single European Market Price


The European electricity index, ELIX, allows a sneak peek into the future: It simulates every day the future of a truly integrated European power market and makes it already visible today.

Since 18th October 2010, EEX and EPEX SPOT calculate and publish ELIX, the European Electricity Index for each delivery day at EPEX SPOT. The index is calculated on the basis of the actual aggregated bid and offer curves for all EPEX SPOT market areas.

ELIX is an essential benchmark price for the single European market, as it is the market price that would result in a physically unconstrained market environment. The index is based on the objective of a truly integrated, single European market. It shows the remaining additional benefit that could be achieved through further market integration. France, Germany/Austria and Switzerland stand for 36 percent of the Pan-European electricity consumption and national prices determined in those markets are already used as reference prices across Europe. ELIX displays how close those prices already are to a market price in a fully integrated European market.

ELIX shows the benefit of further market integration and provides regulators and authorities with an important support for policy and investment decisions (e.g. through additional investments in transmission grids): working towards an integrated market in a way which promotes efficiency by using the power of competition.



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