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E-Learning E-Learning Courses in cooperation with RTE


Based on its know-how and its knowledge of the European power market, EPEX SPOT would like to offer you well-adapted training courses available through high quality media.

These training courses rely on an active pedagogy and new technologies. The different modules are available on-line on a specific platform. The access is secured by a login and password granted upon registration.

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Test in 3 mn your knowledge about Flow-Based (click here) 


E-Learning Courses in cooperation with

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Flow-Based Courses

FB1 Refresh your knowledge about TSOs and ATC

TSO’ s role: Roles of TSOs / Different timeframes to determine cross-border capacities (yearly, monthly auctions …) / Timing of the cross-border capacity calculation in the day-ahead auction process

ATC: How are ATCs calculated? Which results, when and who for?/ Benefits of ATC market coupling / Next step: Flow-Based. Why? Flow-Based benefits compared to ATC Capacity Calculation

Table of contents

Extract from the module
650.00 € 2,600.00 € 4,000.00 € 6,000.00 €
FB2 Understand Flow-Based methodology

General concepts and principles: Physical flows versus commercial flows, net position and Ptdfs definition / Critical branches / Relationship between margins, ptdfs and Net Positions / FB domain construction (versus ATC domain) / LT nominations impacts

Which results are available, when and who for?

Impacts on prices: No congestion case / Congestion case: what are the impacts on prices? / Relationship between prices and Ptdfs

Table of contents (1/2)
Table of contents (2/2)

Extract from the module

650.00 € 2,600.00 € 4,000.00 € 6,000.00 €
FB1 + FB2 1,000.00 € 4,000.00 € 6,000.00 € 9,000.00 €
FB3 Learn more about Flow-Based capacity calculation

How do TSOs calculate the different data provided?: Common Grid Model (Base Case) and critical branches / Zonal and nodal Ptdfs / Generation Shift Key (GSK) – conceptual approach / Flow Reliability Margin (FRM) / Grid remedial Actions

Intraday ATC calculation + Shadow auctions

Articulation between CWE FB methodology and the other day-ahead coupling projects (hybrid-coupling)

Table of contents (1/2)

Table of contents (2/2)

Extract from the module

650.00 € 2,600.00 € 4,000.00 € 6,000.00 €
FB4 Grasp Flow-Based parameters and the impacts for traders Comparison before/after Flow-Based: Countries involved in the Flow-Based methodology / Process compari¬son in terms of data provided + timing / How data were made available to users in ATC? How will they be in FB? Which outputs were/are available (Margins, Ptdfs, critical branches …)

Expected FB market coupling impacts: Convergence/spreads/welfare

Impacts on trading: Understand the specificities of market price formation under flow-based constraints: Thor¬ough explanation of the plain and intuitive solutions / How to use the utility tool?

Table of contents (1/2)
Table of contents (2/2)

Extract from the module

650.00 € 2,600.00 € 4,000.00 € 6,000.00 €
FB 1+2+3+4 2,000.00 € 8,000.00 € 12,000.00 € 18,000.00 €

Courses on the specificities of the power market

CAPA Capacity Mechanism How is this mechanism working? What obligations apply to suppliers? On what basis are the capacity credits allocated to the various generation units? How is demand side management taken into account? 500.00 € 2,000.00 € 3,200.00 € 5,000.00 €
PO-C Power consumption Understanding what lies beneath power consumption. Daily, weekly or seasonal patterns, impacts of weather, tariff structures, major media events? In the medium term, how new use of electricity is changing the consumption pattern? Potential impact of electric vehicles, of energy efficiency policies 500.00 € 2,000.00 € 3,200.00 € 5,000.00 €
PO-G Power Generation What are the means of electricity generation? What are their economic fundamentals and main technical characteristics? Their role in the satisfaction of supply demand balance? Why different generation units with various economic characteristics can be profitable and coexist in the electrical system? How are these means prioritized to generate electricity? How works the arbitrage between primary energy costs, emission permits cost and electricity prices? 500.00 € 2,000.00 € 3,200.00 € 5,000.00 €
BM Balance responsible parties and balancing market This module describes how energy accounts are made in France to ensure that the electricity market participants balance their electricity purchases and sales, how production adjustments are made in real time to compensate for differences between generation and consumption, how works the cash settlements for imbalances... This module describes the basics mechanisms that rule exchange of electricity in France, supply demand adjustment in real time, and financial risk of balance responsible parties. 500.00 € 2,000.00 € 3,200.00 € 5,000.00 €

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