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E-Learning EPEX SPOT trader training, exam and trading access



EPEX SPOT trading handbook (trader training)

The training module “EPEX SPOT trading handbook” (B) provides traders with training courses and allows them take their exam on-line in order to be authorized to negotiate on EPEX SPOT’s markets (day-ahead or intraday). This training method is very flexible and can meet time and budget constraints of our members. 
The trader’s training module is valid one year and available in German, English and French. However, the exam can only be taken in English, which is the official working language at EPEX SPOT. Members that order the German or French version of this module also get the English one.

This training is only accessible to companies that are members of EPEX SPOT or applying for a membership at EPEX SPOT.
Please bear in mind that since September 1st, 2009, new traders have to pass the EPEX SPOT exam prior to being authorized to trade on EPEX SPOT’s day-ahead or intraday markets.

As far as firms applying for an EPEX SPOT membership are concerned, they must have at least one certified trader to be authorized to become active on EPEX SPOT’s market (necessary prerequisite for the admission)

The EPEX SPOT exam:

•    The exam can be taken online at any time upon the trainee’s choice
•    The exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions to be answered within 30 minutes
•    The trader knows whether he/she passed at the end of the exam and can start trading immediately after being registered in the EPEX SPOT Customer Center
•    Three attempts per trainee are authorized
•    The trading certification is available as PDF in the E-Learning platform and can be downloaded at any time
•    The trading certification is personal, valid for a lifetime even if the person changes employer

Trading access:

•    New traders have to be registered in the EPEX SPOT Customer Center prior to starting to trade in order to get their trading accounts for the trading systems (no form to fill in except for firms applying for a membership)
•    After registration in the Customer Center, EPEX SPOT’s market operations validate member’s request and set-up the new trader in the trading systems. Afterwards, the trader receives his login details by email.
•    The Customer Center is a tool used by EPEX SPOT’s members to save contact details of their staff involved in the power activity.
•    Each member has appointed at least one person responsible for maintaining and updating the Customer Center.
•    To know who in your company has been appointed, or if you have a question regarding the Customer Center, please send your request to customercenter@epexspot.com

Do not hesitate to contact us at elearning@epexspot.com for further information.



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