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About us Servicing Other Power Exchanges


The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT is a company with customer service at its core. Servicing other Power Exchanges therefore is part of EPEX SPOT’s business model – as is the case of the Hungarian Power Exchange HUPX. In addition, EPEX SPOT provides price coupling services for the 4M Market Coupling covering the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

The EPEX Trading System made its way to Hungary even before being introduced in the German/Austrian market. HUPX was successfully launched in partnership with EPEX SPOT and ECC on 20 July 2010, and today provides transparent and reliable reference prices for the day-ahead market in Hungary. EPEX SPOT operates the Hungarian market for HUPX. This cooperation contributes to the harmonization of the trading and clearing systems in Europe, facilitating further regional integration of the Eastern European electricity market.

The Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian Power Exchanges announced in May 2011 their cooperation to launch a trilateral market coupling between the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary according to a signed Memorandum of Understanding. The initiative is open for other markets to join. EPEX SPOT has been chosen by the participating Power Exchanges as the facilitator and provider of state of the art price coupling services: These services consist of the implementation and operation of the coupling solution developed and used by EPEX SPOT within the framework of Central Western Europe. On 11 September 2012, the Trilateral Market Coupling was launched.

In April 2014, the Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian market operators and Power Exchanges together with the Czech market operator announced that they are currently implementing a coupling solution for their day-ahead electricity markets (4M MC project) relying on the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution, which has been operating the NWE and SWE regions since 4 February 2014. Within this framework, OKTE, HUPX and OPCOM have selected EPEX SPOT as their service provider for the operation of their coupling solution following an independent selection process on local basis. The 4M Market Coupling launched on 19 November 2014. It is a pragmatic step for the further integration of spot markets, which is a prerequisite for getting to the pan-European power market



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