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The NEMO Committee propose amendments to Algorithm Methodology and ID Product Methodology to support market coupling evolutions

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Following a public consultation, NEMOs today submitted to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and to NRAs their proposal for review and approval of the Methodologies concerning the price coupling algorithm and continuous trading matching algorithm. The proposal includes a number of amendments to the Methodologies approved by ACER on 26 July 2018 through Decision 08/2018.

These amendments notably introduce a change control and algorithm monitoring framework, as foreseen by the abovementioned Decision, and prepares the ground for the implementation of new pan-European intraday implicit auctions in particular through relevant amendments of the common set of requirements for Single Intraday Coupling and the proposal for products that can be taken into account by NEMOs in Single Intraday Coupling following ACER Decision 01/2019.

The proposal is an important step to improve the market coupling algorithm, to ensure optimal solutions and strengthen the performance of market coupling solutions as the integration of European electricity markets deepens. NEMOs and TSOs are also closely coordinating on other initiatives for the future of market coupling such as a common R&D programme for the algorithm. These initiatives are key to the successful implementation of market coupling and to continue to deliver increasing welfare benefits and energy security to consumers.

Website: http://www.nemo-committee.eu/index

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